Do you deal with any of these things?

Destructive marriage relationship

People pleasing

Fear of failure

Feeling guilty

Chronic anxiety

Hard to trust God

The inability to tolerate disapproval

Comparing yourself to others

Feeling worthless

Feeling angry and frustrated

Fear of the future

Feeling out of control of your life

Intermittent thoughts of self-destruction

How would it feel to be a woman who is comfortable and at rest within herself? A capable, self-respecting, self-controlled woman who is confident in who she is regardless of what others say or do?

What if the voices in your head mentored you in positive, encouraging ways with compassion and respect?

What if it was okay to fail? To make mistakes? To be vulnerable? To live courageously? To let go of things and relationships that were slowly destroying your personhood?

What if you could let others make their own choices without being controlled by them anymore?

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  • Two lessons and special journal assignments per week that will educate, encourage, and equip you on your journey to emotional awareness and wellness.
  • Two to three private videos per month that will answer the tough questions you are asking in your life right now.
  • Access to a private membership site with a forum of women just like you who are ready to support and encourage you along the way. This special membership site will also hold all of your previous lessons and assignments so you can access them at any time as long as you are a member.
  • A live Q&A once per month where you can ask questions, and we can discuss the issues you’re dealing with TODAY.
  • Private coaching discounts.
  • An opportunity to participate in a private book study group.
  • Access to all past Flying Free videos and Live Q&A replays.

Here's what you'll get every month

with your Flying Free membership.

8. What if I'm the abusive one?

1. I don't have time

6. I don't want my husband to find out

But Flying Free doesn't take a lot of time. There is a smorgasbord of options within the Flying Free membership group, but it's exactly that. A smorgasbord. You don't have to eat every single dish. You can sample them if you'd like and stick with the ones that meet YOUR specific needs each month.

Even if all you do is read the two emails each week (packed with life-changing insights into emotional abuse and your healing process) or just watch the monthly videos, you'll get your money's worth.

Or maybe you simply want the support and fellowship of other women going through exactly what you're going through? The private forum of fellow Flyers may be all it takes to give you what you need to heal.

10. I'm not ready to separate or divorce my husband

2. I hate commitment

7. I don't know if I'm in an abusive relationship. Sometimes I think I am, and sometimes I don't.

But there's a money back guarantee! If you don't experience real CHANGE within the first month of Flying Free, I will refund your money. No questions asked. It's a risk-free opportunity. What do you have to lose?

9. I'm afraid of change

3. It's too expensive

Ten  Reasons Not to Join

But it's pennies compared to the cost of counseling, therapy, and doctor visits for health issues related to the stress of living in an emotionally abusive environment. If you knew that you would be a different person three months from now - in an incredibly life-transforming way - would the cost of three months of Flying Free ($51) be worth that?

With cash, purchase a reloadable credit card like this:
You can then use this card like a credit card whenever you need to purchase something you'd get in trouble for otherwise. It functions more like a debit card - but it is pre-paid.

4. I'm already in Leslie Vernick's Conquer group

That's one of the most confusing problems to figure out, and guess what? Flying Free will help you do exactly that. If what you learn makes you realize you are NOT in an abusive relationship, just discontinue the group and ask for a refund. We will all celebrate with you!

I'm so glad you are! Leslie coached me several years ago when I was first waking up to the abuse in my own marriage, and I've read all her books, sang on the worship team at her conference last year, and have been part of Conquer myself. Flying Free isn't a replacement for Conquer. It's very different. Flying Free is more intense hand-holding and focuses on personal journaling as a model for recovery and healing. Our backgrounds and styles are different, too. Leslie is an experienced, professional counselor. She is able to see things from the perspective of having worked with hundreds of women like us. I'm an abuse survivor who has walked the journey in a very raw, personal way. I see things from the perspective of the hell pit. I think both perspectives are important and helpful in different ways.

Abusers never EVER ask that question. But victims do all. the. time. Reacting to abuse in unhealthy ways doesn't mean you are an abuser. It means you desperately need help with boundaries. Flying Free will give you the tools you need to grow strong in your own boundaries so you can respond to abuse as a mature adult woman rather than a trapped cat in a corner.

5. I'm too overwhelmed

That's okay. Change is totally up to you. You can take it slow or you can have a major epiphany overnight. But Flying Free will never force you to do or change anything. If you join and you change (which I believe you will), I promise it will be because you WANT to. Here's another question to ask yourself. You are afraid to change, but are you afraid to stay the same? Either way, there will be pain. One kind of pain leads to a future of more pain. The other kind of pain eventually leads to flying. Flying FREE. Don't stay a caterpillar the rest of your life. You were made to fly.

Trust me, I get it. But wouldn't it be nice to have a group of women in your shoes who stand ready to support you with prayer, allowing you to safely share your burdens with them? You will also learn strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety. There is no pressure. Just opportunity.

And that's okay, too! We've got lots of women in Flying Free who are committed to staying in their marriage relationship. They are working on themselves and growing strong. One member's husband was so impressed with the changes in his wife, now HE is beginning to change! Does that happen every time? Nope. In fact, it's actually rare. But my point is - getting strong and healthy can only be a good thing, whether or not your spouse changes.

 I have been in many women's groups-Bible studies and 'homewifemomhelp' kinds of groups. No facilitator or group of women has been as transparent, down to earth, heart searching, God loving, diverse, funny, raw, real and strengthening as these women. Natalie is a very gifted communicator, encourager, and a genuine, wise, witty and passionate-for-honesty facilitator and coach. If you have the slightest inkling that this group interests you, I say JUMP IN!

What Flying Free Members are Saying

"This group is amazing. I have grown a ton in the past 2 months, and Flying Free is a big part of that. I am post-divorce, but your posts, assignments, and guided journaling apply to me very deeply.  Natalie, you ask good questions. You prompt self-reflection, but also push me toward Christ, toward stepping into who He made me to be. I am afraid to allow damaged parts of me to come into the open/the light. I keep those parts locked up tight. But, gently, a crack is opening up. Only God can do this. You are His presence and His blessing, providing a very safe place."

 I love that Natalie is so familiar with all the knots a woman must untie to fly free, because she's been there in the trenches, too. The camaraderie among the group is refreshing and insightful; the assignments are often cathartic to my heart in a healing sort of way. I love this group of real ladies with experiences similar to mine. Having their voices in my life has been a wind beneath my wings toward strength and wholeness as a daughter of the King.

"I had felt so alone and so isolated in my experience for so long. Flying Free was God's answer to my sorrow and loneliness in this area of abuse-- because although I am loved by my friends and family, not a single person in my community truly grasps my experience. With Natalie & the Flying Free ladies I know that:

1. There's no judgment and "good wifey lectures."

2. They're not going to treat me like a victim or feel sorry for me .

3. It's real support and real advice, based on our relationship with Christ and not traditions of man."

Here is one member's personal story:

I'm a mom of nine, a business owner, teacher, writer, life coach, and survivor of spiritual and narcissistic abuse.  You can find me at

Your Flight Coach: Natalie Hoffman

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